Our Team :

  • Being a diagnostic centre our job is to deliver satisfactory services to our customers.
  • A strong team is the main prerequisite to provide these services round the clock and upto wide distances.
  • RDC is proud to have a team of hardworking, conscientious and intelligent staff members.
  • Each member of our team from bottom to top understands the significance of quality in every aspect of work done in the laboratory(from collection of samples,handling,transport and applying &reading tests).
  • Entire staff delivers his/her best effort .
  • Our team comprises of.technical staff, doctors,collection and delivery persons and other helpers.

The Personnel :

  • We have three renowned pathologists and one microbiologist attached to handle full time the work load every case of blood collection, cytology and biopsy is handled by these consultants personally.
  • To achieve the right level of quality in biopsies and cytology we maintain that two pathologists report each of the cases independently followed by discussion and then reaching on final interpretation. (as per international norms).
  • The lab has fully trained and qualified laboratory technicians qualified by education, training and experience.
  • Proper training and updating of knowledge is maintained by, attending regional and national conferences, seminars and in-house training programme.

The Clinical Laboratories :

Following Sub Sections are working in RDC :

  • Clinical Biochemistry (Electrophoresis)
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Haematology (Routine and advanced)
  • Microbiology (Including Molecular Pathology and Serology)
  • Histopathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Immunology and Autoimmunity lab

The Equipment :

  • RDC has been furnished with all the equipments that make it a full fledged modern diagnostic centre .
  • Since services at RDC are committed to provide diagnostic facilities with emphasis on quality, patient satisfaction and turn around time with adherence to ethical standards, the modern equipment with full fledged quality management system avoids human errors, improves turn around time, gives accurate result and is thus helpful in better diagnosis.
  • Internal and external quality controls are used to ensure the quality of the test results.