Quality Assurance (QA) At Reliable Diagnostic Centre :

  • Refers to the systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for services will be fulfilled.
  • It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention.
  • At Reliable Diagnostic Centre the laboratory testing services conform to stringent quality standards specified by NABH and ISO15189.
  • The quality assurance team at our centre monitors the process in the laboratory by monitoring the quality performance indicators. We continuously strive to follow and implement the ISO9001:2000 standards. The quality is assured by following internal and external quality control programmes along with continuous quality improvement plans.

Internal Quality Control :

  • Daily quality control samples are run when starting up the equipments & results are fed in Levey Jenning charts. The results are checked for compliance with westgard rules.
  • Patient samples are only run after results of internal control are confirmatory.
  • The quality improvement team regularly audits the internal quality control results and takes necessary action to continuously improve the quality system.

External Quality Control :

Reliable Diagnostic Centre participates in inter laboratory proficiency testing held at various centres :

  • AIIMS- Hematology
  • CMC VELLORE- Immunology & Biochemistry
  • Ahmedabad Inter Laboratory Controls-Serology & Immunology
  • Inter Laboratory Controls with SRL for Histopathlogy

Transport and Customer Care :

  • To minimize turn around time our system is equipped with facility of e-mailing of the reports.
  • We love hearing our customers and clients so that their valuable inputs help us to provide best quality services.
  • Customer care is assured through our personnel to register tests, addition of tests, deletion of tests, billing , testing, trouble shooting, logistic enquiries etc.
  • Complaint handling and answering to queries of customers is also taken care of by authorized personnel.

Improving Quality :

  • The aim of implementing the above programmes is fulfilled by continual improvement in the lacunae learned through the above programme.
  • All the sections are periodically monitored & necessary actions for improvement are taken.

Non Working Days :

  • All the customers are pre informed regarding the schedules followed on holidays like Deepawali, Holi, Makar sakranti, Republic day, Independence day.
  • This avoids unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Awareness regarding tests that should be avoided is provided, as transport and procedure delays may occur.
  • Respectively the altered turn around time for the tests that can be performed are informed.